thE tobaccoNists (14 april 2o09)


The Tobacconists are Scott Foust and Frans de Waard. They first  played together as part of Idea Fire Company in their 2005 Europe  tour, following almost twenty years of corresponding. Now Scott Foust  returns to Europe to show his feature film ‘Here’s To Love’ and the  two start a new duo as The Tobacconists, which have no recordings  just yet, no myspace page, no face book. Be prepared for a little  surprise, but if you know their mutual fascination for all things  with knobs it is safe to say that subdued minimalist electronic  landscapes will be brought alive through shortwave, synthesizers and  laptop. A cosmic thrill from the Ashtray Temple will bring smoke on  the water. Foust has been part of XX Comittee, Tart, Idea Fire  Company, Dead Girl’s Party and founded the Swill Radio label. ‘Here’s To Love’ is his first feature film. Frans de Waard is  best known for his work with Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem, Freiband  and his Korm Plastics label, as well as the driving force behind  Vital Weekly, the oldest online newsletter for experimental music.


im nebel nikotingelber altherrenmusikzimmer traf der  liebevoll von STEFAN JAWORZYN [ex-SKULLFLOWER] betitelte “amherst pervert”, weltbeste kurzwellenradiospieler, SWILL RADIO dude und  schöpfer der “longest 30 minutes in show business” SCOTT FOUST  [filterzigaretten] auf die grande dame der seltsamen töne des alten  kontinents und STAALPLAAT gründer FRANS DE WAARD [pfeife]. ihre  musique histoire reicht in platzgenauer namedropping länge von  SHIFTS, KAPOTTE MUZIEK und BEEQUEEN über die SPK-labelmates XX  COMMITTEE bis hin zu THE SHADOW RING und der minimal-synth-drone  professur IDEA FIRE COMPANY. THE TOBACCONISTS präsentieren auf dieser tour zum ersten mal überhaupt eine exklusive genussmischung aus radio,  kassette und minisynth./// (info klaut bei twisted knister..-)

further infos are coming…..

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