Hysteric Picnic – Tokyo (23.12.2o13)


Letztes Jahr in Japan kennengelernt, und natuerlich gleich zu uns eingeladen! Hysteric Picnic sind eigentlich ein Duo aus Tokyo – Saenger und Gitarrist SOH spielt nun solo bei uns auf! No Wave aus dem Fernen Osten, fuer Liebhaber feiner Musik. Joy Division bitte recht freundlichen grueßen!

The Guardian schreibt:
Hysteric Picnic are a two-piece channeling the sound of 80s new wave acts. Formed in 2011 by vocalist Sou Ouchi and guitarist Shigeki Yamashita, the drum-machine-backed pair return with new EP Cult Pops, scheduled for release from Call and Response Records in early December.

The lead track is a frantic, forward-charging new wave rocker, complete with pulsing bass lines, industrial noises, handclaps, a deep feeling of dystopian isolation. Oouchi’s eerie yet playful vocals sound like a more new-wave Jello Biafra, tumbling across the reverb-laden guitars and pre-programmed, repetitive drums.

Hysteric Picnic are set apart from other 80s-loving Joy Division facsimiles by the quirkiness of Ouchi’s vocals, the unconventional guitar riffs and their simple and catchy the melodies are. Cult Pop also shows off that the band aren’t all about the atmospheric doom and gloom of the industrial world, but that they can also rock out.

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